The Idea


The idea of ​​building this website was been brewing in us for many years. We listened to the needs of tourism industry professionals for a space to showcase their business. The solutions offered on the web were either very expensive, with doubtful results or entailed a lengthy process for the entrepreneur who had to promote his business himself. We realized that with a low cost we could provide professionals of the tourist industry a way to promote their businesses with as little time for themselves as it is needed to complete an online application. The individuals behind Greece In are successful professionals in a wide spectrum who were able to foresee the need for such a site in Greece and decided in 2017 to make it happen.

Our Goal


Greece In gives professionals a digital space to present their businesses. The business presentation is in a user friendly environment that highlights the specificity, beauty and location of each business in order to provide useful information to users and potential business customers. Imagine a department store with many individual shops and companies through out the place. Many potential customers roam the corridors, looking at the showcase of each business. Some of them will see something that interests them and they will choose to visit it. That way Greece In can work for the benefit of each business and user that chooses to visit it.